We can offer you a wide range of finishing options that can satisfy the most unusual wishes and produce unique products. Our success is guaranteed by the experience of our employees and a versatile and proven fleet of machines. In collaboration with our lacquer lab, print formulas are created for the design of attractive, individual surfaces.

Decorative metallized finishes

  • Mirror surfaces with chromed or anodised optics
  • Economically efficient, computer-controlled support/mounting systems are deployed under high vacuum conditions in aluminium vapour deposition systems in order to achieve highly reproducible optics and quality

Polymer metallized finishes

  • Mirror surfaces with non-corroding protective coating without additional lacquer processes
  • Inline solution – computer-controlled, high availability and visual quality at an economically viable price

Functional metallized finishes (EMC)

  • Electromagnetic shielding of technical components to prevent undesirable interference on sensitive electronic components
  • Creation of high aluminium layers in computer controlled vapour deposition systems on commercial support systems

Decorative lacquer coatings

  • Unique surfaces, whether high-gloss or matt, single-colour or multi-coloured, lacquered on request, inspired by natural textures
  • Soft touch, stone or crackle effects available on request
  • Coatings for in-house lacquer systems, specially coloured according to the customer’s requirements and combined with different application techniques

UV lacquer coating

  • Exclusive, extremely scratch-resistant surfaces that are suitable for use with fillers
  • The use of highly cross-linked lacquer systems produces a visually and technically high-quality surface during the individual coating process
  • Can also be combined with metal finishes on request

Functional lacquer coatings

  • Functional lacquer coatings for protecting metal components from corrosion or for improving the bonding capacity of technical plastics for subsequent processing, such as ‘Vallo Tech’ adhesives
  • The use of special lacquer systems and state-of-the-art inline test equipment, requirement-specific coatings can be applied and the necessary production parameters monitored


  • Pre-assembly of multi-part components for coating
  • Completion of coated items for direct delivery to your customers
  • Bonding of individual decorative elements for a unique look
  • Special machines can be used to apply pre-defined pressure forces on multi-part components during assembly.
We and our partners make this possible.

Print finishing

  • Classic screen printing, textural relief printing, decorative pad printing for complex shapes or innovative digital printing for the finest photographic details on glass or plastic items
  • State-of-the-art system technology enables customer-specific artworks to be realised on your product.
Our partners make this possible.

Lasering + 3D finishing

  • Delicate details on surfaces through the removal of metal or lacquer/coating layers.
  • 3D decoration on or within the glass for high-grade finishing effects.
  • Suitable for all surfaces and even the most unusual shapes.
Our partners make this possible.

Injection Moulding

  • Design, tooling and high-volume production of decorative or technical plastic items
  • Thanks to many years of experience in injection moulding, even the most complex projects can be realised
Our partners make this possible.