Service from a single source! We make this possible together with our partner companies. Let yourself be inspired by the many options we can offer and benefit from our knowledge and many years of experience. Together we can transform your packaging into something special.

Our in-house Development Department, as well as the Prototyping Department, will support you in the development of high-quality surface finishes for your products.

This is how we create prototypes together with you, going on to develop them as high-volume products with your desired finish within a very short time.

You will discover how your product can be transformed according to your requirements, becoming a sales success story.

We will be happy to assist you in your product development process, to simplify your product containers and to optimise these in terms of quality and cost.

Our mechanical workshop also develops individual technical solutions for your product containers on our production lines and creates special tools for particular surface finishes

Our customer service will provide continuous supervision and support in the field of packaging and logistics from product development to series production.

We have enough warehouse capacity to be able to respond flexibly to your requirements.

From “just-in-time” deliveries and intermediate storage services to large production volumes – we have the solutions you need.